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the precursor r&d workshop of cngr general research institute was successfully put into operation -pg电子游戏官网官方网站

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  on august 8th 2022,cngr research institute successfully put the precursor r&d workshop into operation.yin shuo,cngr’s chief expert and president of the material research institute from the general research institute;yin guizhen,cngr’s vice president and general manager of the quality management center;liu yi,general manager of ningxiang industrial base;zhang chaohua,general manager of tongren industrial base and president of the administrative college from the general research institute and other relevant leaders attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and witnessed this historical moment together with all the staffs of the on-site workshop.

  at the launching ceremony,yin shuo expressed his sincere appreciation to the group,the board of directors,various centers,design institute,ningxiang industrial base for their full support and the staffs who participated in the construction of the project.yin shuo said:“the precursor r&d workshop is the fourth r&d workshop put into operation by cngr research institute,representing a new dimension in cngr’s r&d journey and a great mission.the next stage of the company’s research and development for new generation of phosphor-iron and sodium electric materials will be carried out here.we hope all colleagues in the workshop will strive hard to reach new heights and make new contributions to cngr’s high-quality development.”

  yin guizhen first congratulated the research institute on the smooth operation of the precursor r&d workshop.she said:“scientific research and innovation has always been the core competitiveness of cngr.cngr research institute has stood at the forefront of the industry.researchers in cngr are the pioneers of technology,who dive into research to make great breakthroughs.we look forward to manufacturing more cost-effective and competitive products.”

  liu yi said in his speech,“the launch of the precursor r&d workshop represents a significant improvement in cngr’s r&d and customer service,as well as an important step in cngr’s product diversification strategy.ningxiang industrial base will continue to service our colleagues in the general research institute,and we hope that more products can be developed and put into the production line of ningxiang industrial base.we are always ready.”

  finally,zhang chaohua once again congratulated the precursor r&d workshop on its successful production in his speech.he said that under the leadership of the research institute,cngr’s product r&d capability will definitely advance by leaps and bounds,continue to lead the industry’s technological development and break through to new heights.

  science and technology change the world and drive the future.the completion and operation of the precursor r&d of cngr research institute is an important measure for cngr to respond to the market demand,focus on products research and development,and actively build core competitiveness.cngr will continue to uphold the innovation concept of“study principles to get knowledge,complete work until reaching the best”,increase the investment in r&d and contribute to the construction of a better life for mankind.
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