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  recently,cngr and south korea's lg chem signed the long-term purchase and sale contract for ternary precursors at cngr qinzhou industrial base.the signing ceremony was attended by li xiangmu,vice chairman of south korea's lg chem;zhang daoji,vice president of lg chem;tao wu,senior vice president of cngr;hu peihong,general manager of qinzhou industrial base;kim dong hwan,executive deputy general manager of cngr operation center,and relevant representatives from the two firms.
  tao wu extended a warm welcome to the arrival of li xiangmu and his party from south korea.they visited cngr science and technology museum,ncm workshop,and nickel sulfate workshop.tao wu accompanied the visit and introduced the raw material development,industrial recycling,scientific research innovation,product application,and global layout.
  then both parties conducted business talks and exchanges.firstly,tao wu presented the current industrial development and international layout of cngr.
  "in recent years,cngr has maintained high-speed development and made major breakthroughs in key technologies of nickel,cobalt,phosphorus,and sodium.some domestic and overseas projects have been operated in qinzhou,kaiyang,morowali and weda bay.cngr's industrial chain of vertical integration of"resource-smelting-material-recycling",has been extended and expanded.thus,the supply security and supply chain benefits of raw material have been enhanced as present,cngr has accelerated internationalization process,and strengthened collaboration with global customers,especially strategic customers.we aim to create more value for customers,and provide better technologies,products and services,"he explained.
  li xiangmu appreciated cngr for years of support and cooperation with lg chem."lg chem is the most representative chemical company in korea as well as the largest battery manufacturers in the’s also committed to becoming a world-class scientific enterprise and a multinational enterprise providing new value to our customers.meanwhile,cngr is a global leader in producing lithium battery precursor for new energy.thereby,the powerful and deep cooperation between both sides is of historic significance,”he emphasized.
  cngr and south korea's lg chem officially signed the long-term purchase and sales contract for ternary precursors.both companies will further strengthen cooperation in production and r&d,create a win-win situation on the new energy,promote the application of new energy materials,and expedite green and low-carbon development.
  cngr has continuously explored the korean market.signing the long-term purchase and sale contract for ternary precursors with lg chem is a key november last year,chairman deng weiming set off for south korea to sign an mou on investment cooperation with the pohang municipal government.cngr aimed to deepen its industrial layout in south korea,provide better service for korean customers,and advance the high-quality growth of global new energy material industry.
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