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  in response to comprehensive internationalization,cngr upgraded its business agency and officially established cngr hong kong office on february 23,2023.on the same day,the"opening ceremony of cngr hong kong office",hosted by cngr hong kong company,was grandly held in central plaza,18 harbour road,wanchai district,hong kong.

  as one of the milestones in the internationalization of cngr,this event specially invited dr.jiang xueli,assistant director-general of investment promotion agency of hong kong special administrative region government, feng,vice minister of economic affairs of liaison office,mr.zeng shendian,vice president of chinese enterprises association of hong kong,mr.yan yongqing,second inspector of trade department of economic affairs of liaison office,mr.wu yibiao,deputy director of hong kong and macao affairs office of hunan provincial government,mr.yomi eka putra,second commercial counselor of indonesian consulate general in hong kong,mr.wu long,chief executive officer of icbc asia,mr.xiao yuqiang,president of icbc international,ms.gao ying,managing director of standard chartered bank and relevant leaders of several financial zongyuan,vice president and chief financial officer of cngr,ms.yan xin,vice president of cngr international,and mr.dani,vice president of cngr international,attended the opening ceremony on behalf of the company and witnessed with nearly 100 guests the spectacle where cngr(hong kong)advanced materials technology trading co.,ltd.officially opened its new office and embarked on a fresh business journey.
  cngr hong kong office unveils bauhinia blossoms starts a fresh journey
  the opening ceremony of cngr hong kong office was first held at 10 a.m.witnessed by all the staff in hong kong,zhu zongyuan,yan xin and dani jointly unveiled the hong kong office of cngr,located on the 68th floor of central plaza,which will become the business center of cngr in hong kong and an important agency serving global customers and partners.

  in the blessings of everyone cheering"good opening and smooth sailing",the three unveiling guests jointly uncovered the red cloth.cngr hong kong office thus made its official appearance.the blooming bauhinia heralds the steady and smooth development of cngr in hong kong.

  following closely was the opening ceremony of cngr hong kong office.customer representatives worldwide,guests from relevant government agencies,financial institutions and partners,came to the opening 11:08 a.m.,the four officiating guests,jiang xueli,wu yibiao,zhu zongyuan and yan xin,took the stage to cut the ribbon and unveil the grand ceremony.then the wonderful lion dancing was performed and hailed by the guests on the spot.

  now,slicing roasted piglet,symbolic of good fortune,which is a necessary ceremonial procedure for the opening of hong kong enterprises,climaxed the event.jiang xueli,yan yongqing,wulong,zhu zongyuan,yan xin and dani jointly carried out the ceremony.

  create an international platform
  strive for green and low-carbon development
  on the opening of cngr hong kong office,deng weiming,chairman and president of cngr,who was on a business trip in indonesia,sent his blessings via video.he said that the seating of hong kong office is a key step to boost internationalization.cngr will utilize its regional advantages in international finance and trade,popularize advanced materials,continue delivery of green energy for society.

  at the ceremony,zhu zongyuan delivered a welcome speech on behalf of cngr,expressing his warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all present.he narrated an account of cngr's development and groundbreaking events,ranging from"initial exploration,massive operation,overall upgrading",highlighting the mission to be fulfilled by cngr hong kong office.cngr hong kong office will enable efficient integration of global resources,optimize customer services and achieve common progress with partners.
  dr.jiang xueli,on behalf of the sar government,expressed sincere blessings for the opening of cngr's hong kong office,welcomed cngr to invest and increase business here.he stressed hong kong's regional advantages and strong supports from sar government.he said that the investment promotion department is responsible for promoting foreign direct investment.since its establishment 23 years ago,it has been committed to attracting overseas and mainland enterprises to invest in hong with tremendous strengths like cngr are invited to develop in hong kong and use hong kong as the springboard to"go abroad",to build"the belt and road"and"guangdong hong kong macao greater bay area"synchronously.
  in view of its extraordinary geographical advantages,cngr registered its first company in hong kong in 2019 to carry out international business.with the rapid growth of international business volume,hong kong's importance is becoming ever more the annual international seminar on"sustainable finance and climate resilience"held by hkqaa in december 2022,witnessed by li jiachao,chief executive of hong kong special administrative region,cngr won the"outstanding award for green and sustainable bond issuers(in terms of advanced materials)"and the"pioneer organization award for climate disclosure planning",which is a great incentive for the company.the favourable geographical and policy environment finalized the seating of cngr hong kong office.

  as the world's leading comprehensive service provider of advanced energy materials,cngr fully launched the"internationalization"strategy in 2021.hong kong,as one of the international financial,shipping and trade centers,is an important joint connecting the mainland and the international market.cngr will take advantage of hong kong to boost overseas business and"internationalization",playing a bigger role in the global green and low-carbon development.

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